The Compassion of Christ

By Rex B

Its only when we contemplate our own human life and take ourselves to the end of that life that we realise life has cheated us, because when we are young death is not in our minds as it's so far off. As we age and the years roll by it starts to become a real issue, and we tend to continually work out how many years left we might have if Jesus remains away.

We value the compassion and love of Christ more and more as life escapes us. It's very much like looking at an egg timer with not much left in the top glass, time is running out. Compared to you young people who have more in top than down below. Take Christ out of our life and we are empty vessels of dishonour. Returning like an animal to its vomit.

So Christ is such a valued prize, and one that maketh our lives rich and full with purpose and promise. This faith we gain by a study of, and belief of his name and all he represents, softens the blow of looming older age and finally death.

To really know Christ we have to see him as constantly refreshing us, he is rebuilding us into a different creature from one with a pitiful future condemned to eternal death in the grave. He chose on his own freewill to have compassion for us even though we never could earn eternal life. He at an early age learned that his Father wanted us included into the promises that had been given unto the Fathers of old in Israel. He wanted to please his Father, so he, with conviction, decided to become our greatest hope, and he genuinely wants us to come to the door that he opens willingly. John says "What manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of GOD." John is really saying we don't deserve this attention by someone so great, when we are so weak, frail and fall short at so many challenges that we come up against.

God has a great compassion for us, look at the lengths he has gone to in our interests so that we might live with him for eternity. Jesus chose to obey his father’s will 100 percent. Who else that's ever lived in the world, other than Jesus, has our interests as their main priority and was prepared to die, even though he had to for himself, he knew in addition that the rest of creation could be saved if he first broke the death curse. He knew that the whole world depended on his efforts. What an enormous strain he chose to put himself under and all because he felt true sorrow for the death trap that we find ourselves in. He pours out his soul to the believers. What man offers his life that others may live? Yet this is what God asked Jesus to do for us. That's way past any friendship. And to be invited, offered to be Sons and daughters, right into the privacy of his family unit and to partake of his riches and blessings.

Mankind's human nature has no compassion like this. For man, he puts us down at every opportunity or looks at our failures without much heart at all. Yet God puts man up and elevates him to a position he could never deserve. We are offered a place we have no right to. We have no right to it because we can never earn eternal life. It is a gift no matter how hard we try; we fail the calling to be sinless. Yet no matter, Gods love in having his son born into the human race showed how much he was prepared to go in order to allow us to dwell with him.

If there was ever a man that the world should have embraced and followed it was Christ, think about it, a man without fault, a man who went about doing good, His works and miracles helped the helpless, He used his power in deeds of blessings. He didn't judge individuals, he saw them as equals no matter what station of vacation they held or possessed. Wouldn't any man and woman crave such a person, so compassionate and willing to be their true friend, especially when depressed or unwell, he was first to help by a kindly word or real miracle making the blind to see and the deaf to hear. What joy he felt when the power of His Father made these people whole again.

How did they, the worldly, react to him? They hated him because he constantly advocated and said that God exists, and they should acknowledge him in all that they do. He, Christ, was condemned because he said "My meat and drink is to do the will of him that sent me." That's why the world hated Christ because, unlike Christ, their human nature wouldn't allow them to give up their own ambitions and put all effort toward a Creator. Because their personal ambitions are so much more important so they believe. This is their tragedy. We are commanded to love the Lord with all our hearts but do we?

The world cannot even contemplate letting Jesus into their lives they are so full and overflowing with their own personal self importance which is pride. Jesus never let his human side overpower him and take mastery over his love to obey his Father but the world does. "The world hath not known thee" said Christ "but I have known thee."

Nothing is as wilful as the human heart; Paul expresses it by saying "The carnal or self willed mind is against God." The impulses that you and I have to deal with are so powerful as is proven by the numbers who desire to allow Gods message to regulate their hearts, a very small minority.

So to get an idea of the compassion of Christ we ask a question. How would we react if we told our children to do a chore and they simply refused? How then must Christ have felt when he gave commandments that were cast behind their backs? He saw what mankind could achieve by obeying him and giving up personal selfishness, eternal life without worry strain or temptation. It must have torn him apart when they refused to know how great a thing it was he was offering them. The frustration and patience of Christ is amazing under such strain. His non resisting lamb-like attitude when those who never realised or accepted who he was, were condemning him by their cruel handling of him, has never been felt like Jesus felt it.

He held the keys that would open the graves, through him people could receive eternal life in God’s plan of salvation. How did he contain himself?, what frustration he lived with day after day.

His compassion for his Father drove him into adversity. His passion drove him into weariness, reproach from others, he felt such shame for the way God was ignored, he endured spitting. Imagine being spat upon it is one of the most degrading things that can happen to a person.

Yet we continue to ask in bewilderment, how the world could hate him, when we see him so compassionate toward lowly people who were always receiving his help. It's the lowly that earthly man has little compassion for. See what human nature is attracted too? It's so opposite to Christ, who refused to conform to the hard cruel nature of man. Yet the word says he was tempted in all points like unto his Brethren.

He was a man absent of graces and airs, yet speaking always from a pure heart. It seemed that he was always approachable and gave time to anyone. Saying "Anyone that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." His obedience to the mission before him is noteworthy; it challenges our highest admiration, from 12 years old to be about his Father’s business shows his passion for God’s will. Totally immersed in obedience to loving his Father, it was like a fire within him. His self control was as a fortified city.

A unique character which we can be more like, when we show a change in our human ways, only through a study, which is from the heart that chooses to employ his word, his commandments. Because to be Christ like is to obey his commands.

Jesus was a meek man but not a weak man.

Jesus had compassion for the heart who would listen, In Matthew 13 the disciples said "Why speaketh thou in parables?" verse 11 he said, "because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom but not unto them." So Jesus refused to throw pearls before swine, his compassion was toward those who showed friendliness to the word of God. Verse 15 says "As soon as I see that they will open their eyes then I will heal them. But their hearts are dull of hearing their eyes are shut, their heart is waxed gross." That means they were lazy, stupid, insensible inattentive dull and callous. Hebrews 5 verse 2 says "Who can have compassion on the ignorant and them that are out of the way." Jesus had feelings which are described as moving him in Matthew 9 verse 36 when a large crowd gathered, a crowd that wanted more and more from this son of God. When he saw them he was moved with compassion.

This moving is a yearning inside, a feeling deep inside, a great feeling of sympathy, of pity for them, no feeling of pride here or feeling that he is the man and all these people adore him, that's the display of a proud heart and un-Christ like attitude. No he was moved with a great hollow feeling of horror in his stomach. Why did he feel so sorry for them? Because some fainted, and he saw them as scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd. The Pharisees were supposed to be shepherds to the flock of Israel and here they were, in a hopeless state of poverty spiritually. Lost and abandoned, with no hope because they were despised by this evil upper class. He was sorrowful because he saw how much they needed strong guidance, and a hope to hold on to. He has this same compassion and great sorrow for us as he looks down at our human failings, his compassion or his help for us is a promise of guidance and help in time of need. Philippians 4 verse 19 says "God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." and verse 13, same chapter 4 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

So Christ's compassion comes out to us in so many ways.